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hello, i'm an Admin

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PostSubject: awifgruvbaj,erb,jbrekagj June 14th 2016, 9:34 am


Remember, these are just general rules. Take into consideration when posting what is appropriate and what isn't, use your own discretion. Be mature and nice, that's all we're really asking. Like they say, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.


01. No bashing, sexist, racist or generally hateful remarks
Be respectful is the gist of it. We're a friendly forum of EXO fans, and we'd like to stay that way.

02. No profanity. Simple as that.

03. No pornographic images/sexually explicit material/Nudity
Linking to images and/or sites that contain explicit material may result in a ban. There are members of all ages here, so let's respect that.

04. No spamming
- No double posting
- No posting of less than 20 words/101 characters. You will be prompted if you do not reach it.
- No copy/pasting same replies
- Do not try to reach the 20 word limit by writing "2 0 2 0 2 0" to bypass cheat or something to that effect in your posts. Please have a sincere comment that requires some thought. (this includes quoting others' posts)
- No excessive use of smileys/spaces/symbols to bypass the 101 character minimum
- Make your post relevant to the topic. Do not go off topic.
- No advertisement of other forums/sites etc.
Spamming will not be tolerated and may result in post deduction and/or a warning.

05. Do not quote images
Quoting images slows down the forum and dial-up users will find it difficult to use this forum, so please do not quote images. If you are quoting someone that has an image posted in their reply, take the tags off. (This also applies to embedded YT clips)

06. Follow specific forum rules
These rules apply for all forums, but each subforum may have there own set of rules, so please follow those as well.

07. Please post only in English or provide a translation along with the original article.

08. Do not make multiple accounts

09. Do not post any articles from unreliable sources and blogs such as akp, ********* etc.
Articles and sources from these places are often rumors which are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the forum. No exceptions. If you are unsure what is allowed and not allowed, check with a moderator or super moderator.

10. Signature rules

In order to help make this all user friendly, we have to establish rules on graphics
- No more than three graphics to a sig. That includes three banners or three gifs or three blinkies or three icons. You can mix and match, but no more than three of ANYTHING to your sig.
- Total size occupied by a graphic may not exceed a 300px(width) x 200px(height) rectangle and 125kb.
- No advertisements of any other fansites in your signature or in the forum.
- No media codes or embedding of streaming links in the signature area.

11. Nothing posted at EXOdicted is to be taken out without permission.
Anything taken out of the forum must be properly credited with our forum url (http:/forum.exodicted/net) visible.

12. Introduce yourself first to open/post on all the forum page.
If you want to open or posting on our forum page, you have to introduce yourself here first.

- Do not use any of EXO members name both the real name and the stages name. This include the other idol name, real name and stages name is prohibited. Also, do not use any of animals, swear, or curse on your username.
☒ wuyifan, TheRealKai, Luhandick, DOBOOBIES.
☑ iheartexd, laydancingmachine, yourownname, bestofsogogi


Read this before posting a comment on there.

Violation of rules may result in a warning. Further actions will be taken if repeatedly violated.
Rules are subject to change, additional rules may be added in the future.

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